The Echols Team serves both Buyers and Sellers of residential properties, sometimes helping clients sell their home, while buying another. Below are the primary services we offer to meet buyer client needs.

Did You Know: The month of the year can affect how much competition a listing has and how much a home will sell for. We do a thorough market analysis for Buyers on their properties of interest, to get them the best outcome.

Buyer Services


The Echols Team works with our buyer clients to understand their needs, the current market, and consult with them to find the best purchase in their price range and time frame.


We stay on top of technology, to help you get the best result you can; that means we work to get you the best property information in the fastest way possible and keep you informed of properties of interest to you. You'll always know what's available on the market. And, you'll always know what's going on in your sales transaction. We answer our phones and email.


In the document below are some of the services we provide to buyer clients:

Check on the Buyer Resources link in the panel to the upper left. There you'll find not only resources for buyers, but also resources for enjoying the Austin area.

Please let us know how we can best serve you right now!